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KINGDOM NOTE Original Warranty

For Customers want to purchase through our website

KINGDOM NOTE Original Warranty

    Owing to let our customers to long use our products, we provide the following warranty.
      New product:
        Original warranty from the manufacturer. (Terms of the warranty are also made by the manufacturer.
      Used product:
        For specified used products, we provide 6 months.
        We also help customers to repair without a warranty or after the warranty’s expiration date, please let us know if you need the service.

Policy of Return and Exchange

    Product with natural failure, we can provide you the following return or exchange services.
    New, Used and consignment sales products can all be returned within a week. (Except some of the used accessories, junks, clearance, imperfect products)You will have to apply for your warranty of troubles. Please try your pen immediately after receiving it.
    We do not accept any returns if the failures happen after you have confirmed the product. (Matters of mail-order’s comments), or any scratches, hollows, rust and stains that do not effect the function of product.
    We do not accept exchange based on the performance of the pen or its ink flow. However, you can pay for its repair or adjustment.
    No matter what is the reason, we cannot accept returns. Please be careful and do not lose your receipt.
    We do not accept return or exchange from any used products or consignment sales products that has comments of “No return or exchange” on it.
    Our company assumes no responsibility to any direct or indirect breakages that come from our products.
    The consumption of ink, refill and cartridge, malfunction of converter will not be a part of warranty.
    We provide exchange instead of return of monogrammed products.

    Inquiry for return:
      2F, 1-13-6, Nishi-Shinjyuku, Shinjyuku-ku, 160-0023, Tokyo, Japan
      Person in Charge: Ms. MIURA / Mr. KABASAWA
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