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Stipulations of KINGDOM NOTE Original Warranty

For Customers want to purchase through our website

Stipulations of KINGDOM NOTE Original Warranty

  1. 1. Warranty period
    • From the day of your purchase, to the period shows on your warranty.

  2. 2. Warranty contents
    • We accept repairs with valid warranty period. Please bring the product and your warranty with you to our store, or send it to us by post mail. We will bear the repair fees up to your purchase price for you.

      The warranty is only valid in KINGDOM NOTE.
      The warranty is only for Japan, we do not accept any requests from overseas.
      The warranty is only for the person him/herself.
      The warranty cannot be reissued, please be careful of losing it.

      However, if any following situations took place, you will not be able to use our warranty or you may have to pay for the repair fees.
      • 1)You have not shown us your warranty or your warranty is expired.
      • 2)You did not attach the receipt to your warranty, or you change the words of the warranty illegally.
      • 3)Breakage that cost by falling, shock, impropriate preserving or using it in an impropriate way. Or, the rust, mold, change in quality, change of colors, worm-eaten, rat-eaten, etc.
      • 4)Malfunctions cost by user’s intentions, mistakes.
      • 5)The exchange fees of the expendables such as ink, etc.
      • 6)Fire, change of weather, war, nuclear power, etc.
      • 7)Malfunctions parts, such as, scratches, holes, rust, mold, etc., that you have confirmed before your purchase.
      • 8)Repair fees if is higher than its purchase price, you will need to pay the balance.
      • 9)Accessories problems beside the product itself.
      • 10)Any repairs came from other stores.

  3. 3. Others
    • No matter your warranty is valid or not, you will need to bear the delivery fee of your product by yourself.
      If we cannot find any malfunctions from your product at KINGDOM NOTE, you will need to pay for the examined fee.
      We do not take any responsibilities of direct or indirect damage from the product (such as, stains on the clothes or documents).

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